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Kaleb [userpic]

Poem for ben :D

June 24th, 2009 (11:21 pm)

Benjamin Marcus is a guy that I know
He is pretty much a gigantic ho
If he was a Pokemon he'd be CHARIZARD
And he'd be on a fuckin' holographic card!
Dude knows his shit about comic books
And he knows lesbians are all crooks.
When cartoonified, he gives awesome high-threes
When he's BatBen, he'll bring Ivy to her knees
Ben will take you on late-night outings in the park
And he'll play Scatman for you in the dark.
So, you wanna be his friend because of this shit?
All I have to say is, "Hey, might be worth it"

Still gotta write one for TIm. I might write a bunch, for everyone i loooove